From an early age, I have always been entertaining. I took many classes in the arts and my mother would take me to nursing homes to perform for the infirmed. I continued classes, in dancing and acting. And even participated in San Francisco's Junior Miss, where I was voted by my peers: Junior Miss Spirit Award Recipient.

Not content to work behind a desk, I followed my free spirit and my wanderlust and worked on a Cruise Ship in the Caribbean Sea as a Youth Counselor, Cruise Staff and a Social Hostess. I loved being on stage and meeting so many people. I especially loved hosting the Fruit and Vegetable Carving demonstration where I developed the narration while the carver carved. It turned into my own half hour comedy show.

Back on land, I was over the moon when I landed my audition with the Traveling Lantern Theater Company because it combined my love of traveling and performing. My partner George and I drove across America and performed for grammar schools, in the Eastern States, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and A Christmas Carol. I played Lucy and the White Witch. George played Scrooge and I played the other 13 characters! It was a great way to use my accents to distinguish between characters. I'm especially proud that I got a costume change down to 13 seconds when speaking as the Witch and then coming out dressed and in character as Lucy! We passed through 25 states, Canada twice, had 84 performances and drove 20,000 miles in 10 weeks! It's one of the greatest things I've done.

Back in the Bay Area, I concentrated on my entertaining and acting skills. This lead to film, theatre and commercial work. I also started doing singing telegrams and walk around characters. I was introduced to face painting, balloon twisting and magic. Since I like working with my hands, and have a way with children this was a natural segueway into Children's Entertainment.

To provide you with the best, I've been training with:

  • Learn & Play Convention
  • Clowns Around Extravaganza
  • Twist and Shout - Balloon Convention
  • Magic Live! Convention
  • Mermaid Convention
  • Face and Body Art International Convention (FABAIC)
    • Best and Most Fun Party Guest - 2004 FABAIC
    • Peoples Choice Award Winner - co-originator "Fish Scale Technique"2004

When we radiate ourselves through our LOVE for what we do, this invisible spirit goes right into the hearts of others who are watching and observing us. There is no acting when it comes to being genuine and loving what we do. In fact, this act from the heart is so strong that those who are present can feel this without you even knowing it. - Sue Kleinwachter

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