I'm a professional actor/entertainer providing a multitude of services. My prices reflect my professional background and training. Choose from these most popular activities for your party or event for children. Adult parties please see below. Prices are based on time, NOT the amount of activities NOR the amount of children.

Guidelines for young birthdays

1st Birthdays
These celebrations tend to have children of all ages, so most activities would work fine. Magic with face painting or balloons is common.

2nd Birthdays
Usually all the other children are around two, and my best approach is my variety package. I have found that face painting, parachute play, puppets and singalongs are the best activities for this age group. As exciting as balloons are, they can be given to 2 year olds and up, but are not recommended below that age as they pose a choking hazard for children. I usually comes as the Fun Fairy because it has bright colors and I can get on the ground with the children.

Birthday guests among the ages 2-3.
If the majority of your guests fall in the 2 year old bracket, I highly recommend the 2 year old variety package. I understand that your child is turning 3, has an attention span therefore you would like magic for them. But if there are only a handful of the group that are three and older the majority of children will not be entertained.

3rd Birthdays
Dora Adventure works well, along with face painting, balloons, parachute play and singalongs.

4th Birthdays and up
Children at this age can enjoy magic and most of the activities listed below.

"If we love children, we very quickly know what to do with them in teaching or in entertaining them; but if we don't love them, no one can teach us what to do... [I]t cannot be overemphasized that the key to a child's pleasure in games is simplicity generated by genuine pleasure in the child and love for him or her." - Tom Glazer


Face Painting
People of all ages love to be painted. I paint check art to full faces. The industry standard is 10-12 faces per hour. My years of expertise and training allow me to exceed that. Therefore I'm able to paint many faces in an hour. I can also paint and provide other activities, in the same time it takes other painters just to paint. If you want I can still paint 10-12 faces in an hour, but it's the same price if I were to paint and provide other activities. View FAQs to answer most painting questions. View Face Painting. For 2 year olds and up.

Balloon Sculptures
Prepare to be amazed at what can be created with balloons: animals, flowers, planes, dinosaurs, princesses and life size people. Guest love to watch the structures come together and then have something to keep. View Balloon Sculptures. For 3 year olds and up.

Everyone helps to make the magic happen by yelling out the magic words - even the adults are entertained. Some tricks allow the guest of honor to help the magician make magic. Duration is about 20 minutes, longer times are available upon request. Sorry, no sleight of hand, animals or cutting anyone in half. Read Tips for magic setup. Fun for most 3 year olds, 4 year olds to 7 year olds.

I sing a classic kids songs acapella. Some songs, I use hand puppets. this NOT a puppet show. About 15 minutes. For toddlers and small children.

Parachute Play/Games
An instant hit with kids, the bright colors draw them into the fun. And there is tons of fun to have with all the different games that can be played! For toddlers and children.

Dora Adventure
"Cora the Curious" leads the children on an interactive adventure - just like the popular TV show - complete with character voices and songs. We use magic to solve the adventure and swing through the Number Pyramid, walk over Rainbow Bridge and make the cake at the Fiesta! Can be done with any size space you have, from living room to backyard, 15-20 minutes. If your child is undecided, she doesn't know if they want a princess or a "Cora." I would strongly suggest "Cora." They have their whole lives to believe in fairies and princesses and only this small window of time to be in love with "Cora". Great for 3, 4 & 5 year olds.

Tea Party
Cheers and pinkies up! Your child will be delighted that her favorite princess is pouring her "tea". Royal guests will learn etiquette, toast the birthday child and offer up birthday wishes to round out this very royal visit. For the truly daring, invite the Mad Hatter, and have a very, very wacky Mad Tea Party. I provide the wacky, you provide the clean up. Twelve exquisite, crystal cut cups can make an appearance (optional teapot, sugar container and silver tray if requested or we can use your tea set). I provide the fun, you provide the "tea" - apple juice works well.

Hawaiian Hula
Aloha! Pefect for those Luau parties, Hula-Lei-Lee or Little Leela, teach the meaning of the hands and the action of the hips of the old Hawaiian ways. Put it all to music and we perform the “Hukilau.” to the delight of the audience who encourage us with their warm "Alohas!" For 5 year olds and up.

Pirate Pillage
Ahoy there! Captain Arrr, swashbuckles in to see if the new "crew" is worthy to be pirates on her ship, by testing their seaworthiness. Great for boys and girls. Depending on the time, Captain Oyster Breath can face paint them into pirates and accessorize them with balloon swords and pirate paraphernalia. Optional activities include a treasure hunt and games. Great for girl or boy birthdays.

Ninja Training
What little person wouldn't love their own Ninja Training sensei training them in the way of the stealth-like warrior? Ninja will ground them with their breath, strenthen them to be strong like the willow yet, bend with the wind. They will learn some martial art moves and bow in respect of their new found abilities.

Monster Mash
What to do with the older boys? Why not have a Monster Party and bring out their inner animal! You drop them off as boys and pick them up as Monsters! Through face painting they can become that Big Green Angry Monster, Skull Face, Werewolves, Mummies or Zombies.

Belly Dancing
Girls love dancing. And who better to lead, then the Arabian Princess or a Belly Dancer. She will teach them to shake and shimmy.

Ballerina Dancing
Ballerina perform right at your party, with adorable pas de bourrées, plies, and pirouettes. Ballerina will teach your guest ballet and have them dance to classical music.

Super Why Adventure
Princess Pesto to the rescue with her spelling power. Have a reading party aventure. Find the secret letters to form the super word: Sing Happy Birthday. Pair with balloon art to make the initials of your birthday guests. About 15-20 minutes.

Scooooooooby Dooby Doo Mystery Adventure
Have Vilma train your young sleuths to hone their detective skills, sniff out clues, and solve a mystery right in their own homes! What would they do for a Scooby Snack?

Scavenger hunt
I call out a list of found objects or make the guests act out adjectives. All while dutifully being aware of the boundaries of your event. No running allowed. For 6 year olds and up.

Engaging a child's imagination is easily achieved through stories. Children love to help the storyteller by interacting with their words, hand motions and sound effects. It's wonderful to see the suspense in the children's eyes when they anticipate the next turn. For 3 year olds and up

The Play
Your child is the star of the show and their friends are characters in a narrated adventure that takes them to palaces, forests and streams. They encounter pirates and ogres in order to find a cherished possession of the birthday child. Of course, it all ends happily ever after. This is the one time, when you really do want them to "act out". For 5 years old and up.

Musical Instruments
Who can resist hands on learning with these miniature instruments: maracas, tambourines, and jingling bells. Add them to taped music for a wonderful interactive experience. Older children will love Musicality - songs with catchy, upbeat melodies identifying parts of the body. For small children.

Makeovers for your young lady
Perfect for those glam parties where your child wants to get all dolled up and hit the runway with lots of eyeshadow colors to choose from, blush and lipsticks.

Swimming Mermaid
Have a real life mermaid show up to your pool party. Mermaid swims in your pool with the children for thirty minutes followed by activity of your choice. Best done late afternoon/evenings.

When all you need is a quick visit from your child's favorite character. A charactergram is great for popping in and out and still making the birthday child feel absolutely special. A Charactergram is a 15-20 minute visit which can include face painting, a balloon creation, posing for pictures and singing "Happy Birthday".

I have traditional blow bubbles. Other bubble solutions - touchable bubbles, flavored bubbles and fruit scented bubbles - are best done in an area with no wind: indoors or an empty garage are perfect. Unfortunately, I do not bring a bubble machine. I suggest you buy your own for years of fun. For young kids.

Hand painted Temptu tattoos are great for pool parties. Looks like a real tattoo, and last for days or come off in a minute with alcohol. View Tattoo & Henna. For kids, teens and adults.

Glitter Tattoos
Beautiful glitter tattoos add glitz to any party! Great for pool parties and last for days or come off in a minute with alcohol. View Tattoo & Henna. For kids, teens and adults.

Balloon Twisting Classes
Learn to make the basic, popular, most requested balloon animals, crazy hats and more complicated advanced creations. For small groups, I supply balloons, you supply the people.


Adult Parties, Fundraisers, Silent Auctions, Family Events
Big People love to party and have fun too. The most popular are face painting, balloon twisting, glitter and paint on tattoos. I have a wide range of costumes that would compliment most parties or themes. Just Ask!

Face painting
People of all ages love to be painted. My fantasy full faces are gorgeous and quick. Ladies especially love beautiful nothings around their eyes.

Balloon Sculptures
Enjoy Mini-me's, life size replica of the birthday celebrant and even dresses. There is no limit to what can be done with balloons.

Glitter Tattoos
Add sparkling, gorgeous glitz to any party! Great for pool parties and last for 2-7 days or come off in a minute with alcohol. View Tattoo & Henna.

Hand painted Temptu tattoos. Looks like a real tattoo. Great for pool parties and last for 2-7 days or come off in a minute with alcohol. View Tattoo & Henna.

Body Painting
Walking, living art can be yours! For club events or trade shows why not advertise your product on a walking model! Or watch a person being painted in real time evolve into a work of art as a dinner show.

Belly Painting
Celebrate your pregnancy with belly art - a unique and once in a lifetime memory.

Nasty special effects - nails in skin, bruises, smoke inhalation, using wax, liquid latex and lots and lots of blood. You provide prosthetics and I'll apply to your skin.

This ancient art can now be worn on you! The results last for weeks!

Walk-a-round Character
Add extra life to your next party by having a character walk around and engage your guest in bantering, witty conversation. Perhaps a Hippie, or Frida Kahlo, talking about art or Madame Kaverna reading your friends palm and predicting that they need moisturizer! Whatever the occasion there is always a place for a character to add pizzazz!

Singing Telegram
For that special adult in your life, when you want something that will leave their birthday memorable, surprise them with a singing telegram. Personal information is woven into the show to make it a one of a kind performance. Along with a hat, horn, telegram, streamers, and a comedy song, it's a gift they will be talking about long after the party is over.

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