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Add Some Fun to your event with a talented, true to life, professional character actor. You'll marvel at over 200 great costumes (custom, hand made, from country of origin or vintage), with accents and mannerisms to match. With the largest collection of individual outfits in the Bay Area, there is something to meet your needs. If not, just ask! Costumes are for adult and childrens parties. When viewing with your child, try to emphasis these are all different people ;) Keep magic alive.

Get ready for summer: Rachel the Swimming Mermaid. Invite a real mermaid to swim in your pool! Must be scheduled for late afternoon/evening parties.

For bigheaded/mascot characters: Blues Clues, Clifford, Sully, Winnie, Mickey, Elmo, Simba, Scully, Penguin, Curious George, Tigger, Strawberry Shortcake, Scooby Doo and more, please contact Allstarshowgrams.

Á la beautiful, Arabian Princess, Bar-bee, Pink Princess, Lil' Princess, Mulan, Pink/Lilac Princess, Plum Princess, Princess Cindy - Ethnic, Princess Cindy - Blonde, Princess Ivory, Princess Leah, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Shriek

Fairy Princess, Fairy Ballerina Blue, Fairy Princess, Ballerina Burgundy, Fun Fairy Purple, Twinklebelle

Alien, Cora the Curious, Girl Wonder, Hawaiian Girl, Hunchback's Gypsy, Jungle Jane, Karate, Little Leela, Little Red Riding Hood, Mad Hatter, Mary Bobbins, Peter Pot, Pippi, Pirate, Princess Pesto, Queen Frostine, Safari Sue, Stormtrooper, Swimming Mermaid, Walkable Mermaid, Vilma

Careers & Occupations
Artist, Aviator, Ballerina, Becky Builder, Belly Dancer, Cars Mechanic, Cheerleader, Chef, Constable, Cowgirl, Construction Worker, Go Go Dancer, Gymnast, Ice skater, Knight, Face painter, Farmer, Firefighter, Football, Lion Tamer, Mad Scientist, Majorette, Paleontologist, Police Officer, Ringmaster, Sailor, Security guard, Soccer, Soldier, Stewardess, Train Engineer, Zookeeper

Bratty Grrrl, Clown, Groovy Girl, Bee, Bunny, Hello Kitty, Mad Rabbit, Micro Mouse, Ms. Piggy, Ninja Turtle, Pegasus, Pink Poodle, Unicorn

Baby Girl/Boy, Biker chick, Bride, Carmen, Cher, Cigarette girl, Devil, Fifi, Flapper, Frida Kahlo, Genie pink, Genie purple, Gypsy, Hersey's Kiss, Hilo Hattie, Hippie, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Mideval, Mourner, Nerd, Nurse, Pirate-adult, Raiderette, Roman, Southern Belle, Soldier - adult, Tourist inflated, Tuxedo, Xena, Zoot suit/Gangster, 50's, 70's outfits, 80's outfits, Victorian

African, Bhutan, Chinese, Egyptian, Filipino, Flamenco, Geisha, German, Hawaiian, Indian, Japanese, Jordanian, Mexican, Morrocan, Polish, Sikkim, Syrian

Cupid, Giant Heart, Statue of Liberty, Bride of Frankenstein, Scarecrow, Witch, Zombie, Elf, Mrs. Claus, Santa, Santa's Helper, Snow Princess, Sugar Plum Fairy, Toy Soldier/Nutcracker, Xmas Tree

And much, much more!

All characters are generic costumes and are not affiliated, licensed or associated with any corporation or trademark.


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