Upon my arrival, try to keep the children in the house. If I'm spotted, children do run up to me. I could still be in the car changing or need to get out of the car to put on the final touches to a costume, or I could be coming out of a car - real fairies fly in. I do no want to disillusion them. Also, it prevents them from running into the street.

Please remember the character that I am and address me by that name. If you call me by any other name, don't be surprised by some creative answers.

Character appearances
If you have seen me as a character at one party and you see me at another party as another character please keep this observation to yourself. Please do not point this out to your child, "This is the pirate who did your party." I think it confuses the child. Plus we want to keep the magic alive. At that moment I am Snow White for Mary's birthday.

Pre light those birthday candles. They have wax tips and that's why they are so difficult to light the day of the party. If you already burn off the wax they are a breeze to light at that special moment.

A great alternative is cupcakes. They are proportional to the child's size, no plates or utensils and easy to clean up.

If you are having a pool party, please inform me. Often times I arrive with a face painting kit. If advised, I use a temporary tattoo set. This way no one has to choose between face painting or going back in the pool. I think I would lose.

Face painting/Balloon Sculptures
Often I'm asked to paint/make balloons for numerous children, in addition to many other activities, in a certain time frame. In order to achieve this I may need to give all the other guests small artwork, therefore I may need to make your child go last. By being last I can make elaborate art for the birthday celebrant. This will save tears and time. If I were to make the elaborate art first, most will want it, and I can't spend the time explaining why they can't have the WOW item. If they can't have it they cry. By finishing everyone else first we avoid both scenarios.

Magic show. The best location is inside. I do understand if you are having an outside party, that you would like to keep it there. Sometimes it's not possible because certain tricks I use will be affected by outdoor conditions. There are many distractions such as animals, wind and airplanes. If I ask to perform inside, I do so to give you and your guests the very best performance. Location for the magic show - it's very important for me to be up against a wall for example - so no one will pass behind me during the show. Please keep guest more in front as opposed to the sides. Kids are better off on the floor. Adults can sit in chairs in the back. Please advise those adults who wish to continue their conversations to do so in another room.

Toys around the performance area, especially for 2 year old parties. Toddlers love the kitchen set, the raised train set, etc. Please cover then with a blanket, move to another room or have me perform in a toy free room.

If there is a jump house nearby where I am performing, I'll ask if I can perform somewhere else. If not, I usually ask that they are unplugged - especially for the magic show/performance. The generator is very loud. In addition, when it's down, there is less temptation for the children to bounce while the show is going on.

Yes, they are part of your family, but they are a huge distraction during my performance. Please keep them from coming into the magic show/performance area. I am not as cuddly, cute or furry and the animal/child would get all the attention and not me.

Please locate me in a shaded area for the comfort of your guests and I.

Please consider. I've seen children cry at this activity. Piñatas are so well made, the use of a blindfold, I feel, is not necessary, also, it holds up the line. When the piñata is being emptied, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pour some at the outskirts of the crowd for those children who are shy, not as aggressive, with parents who have to look after young/multiple siblings. Keep some in the pinata, so if you do see a child cry you can pour the items in front of them. Never let children play with a broken piñata as there are staples that are sharp.

Reconsider goody bags
There is a growing movement of party parents who don't want to buy stuff or keep coming home with trinkets from other parties. My balloon sculptures can serve as a party favor.

Preparing your house
Put a sign on the door if you'ld like guest to remove their shoes.

Put a sign on your bathroom. Some people may not know which door is the bathroom and hence proceed to open every door.

Put extra toilet paper rolls out. So much better than trying to hunt for a roll - and find you can't find it!

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