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How soon should I book?
As soon as possible. Or, may I suggest you book me first, then plan your party around my arrival time and then pick activities. For those who love me so much you want to reserve for next year. I make note of the date and try to make you first priority, however I open up dates about 3 months in advance.

How to book you?
Please go to contact page and fill out the information. Then if you’d like to have me fill out all the information, provide TWO phone numbers day of the party. I collect the full payment at your party: cash, check, PayPal, Venmo. Bookings are based on First Come, First Served.

I can only entertain OUTDOORS. I’m fully vaccinated, wear a mask and a face shield.

Do you base your cost on the number of children at the party?
No, I work with your budget/time and the number of kids you have. If you have 30 kids, for example and can only afford one hour. I make everyone one small balloon creation, or small face painting design. Of course with more time I can make more elaborate items.

Do you work alone?
Yes. The rates are stated for myself. If you want additional entertainers, I can find them and you must pay their fee.

What if you cancel?
If I’m sick, as a performer I am instilled with “the show must go on” mentality. If for some reason, I cannot perform. I will try to find you another entertainer, but it is not guaranteed.

How many faces do you paint in an hour?
It depends. I can do 1 or 40. The fewer faces, the more detail. With many faces I can do small eye/cheek designs. The best thing is to figure out your budget/time and I work within those parameters.

When you face paint do you use a numbering system?
No. To expedite the painting, I start with girls first: princess, butterflies, other creations, followed by boys. If it’s a boy party, I reverse the order.

What do the kids do while you are face painting?
I find the fist 15-20 minutes they are fascinated and love to watch. Most are anxious to be painted so they stay around.   All kids who want to be painted will.  If you have large numbers, I encourage kids to enjoy the other activities  and I will call them when it’s their turn. Some parents set up an activity station, usually involving coloring or gluing.  An idea I got from one mom, she made her own activity ‘book’ related it to her twins party with date, connect the dates, draw in the missing object and more.

When you face paint do you use a picture board?
No. To expedite the painting, I offer the most popular choices based on the theme of the party. For those guests undecided, we talk about what they like and I offer suggests.

Do you have an order to your activities?
When I arrive I assess the situation and I see what will be the best order of things. Most of the time I will start with face painting or balloons to get to know the guest. Normally I like to end with magic as a high note after everyone has warmed up to me. Every party is different. And I do what I feel would work best. If you have something planned, such as lunch, at a specific time please let me know and then I’ll work around your time slot. If the kids must sit down and eat when I’m there, that’s ok. I can make balloon art while they eat. Or I can finish face painting.

What is your setup time?
I have NO set up time. I’m entertaining as soon as I enter your event. I open up my kits and I start. However, if you’ve hired me for several hours and there is a distance from parking space to my event station then there is additional time needed.

I have a small home, how much space do you need? CURRENTLY CAN ONLY WORK OUTDOORS
Most of my activities can be done in a living room size space. You may want to remove the coffee table to provide more room. With the parachute, I’ll roll it up to fit the space.

Do you do boy parties/characters?
Yes, I’m an equal opportunity partier.

More kids showed up then RSVP, what happens?
Not to worry. I can either make quick simple items, eliminate an activity or if I have time available you can hire me to stay longer.

Is there anything you need from me?
THANK YOU to all who offer. For face painting, if you could provide a table, even as small as 1 x 1 or larger, waist height with a step stool or chair for the child to stand on to raise them to my height. If you have a child’s table and chair that’s a great 2nd alternative. Also, some of my costumes require 2 hands just to carry the dress I’m wearing in – ballgowns have a 3 foot diameter! So I’m grateful if 1 or 2 people can help bring in my equipment. This allows me to make a more regal appearance.

If you’re not available, who do you recommend?
Unfortunately, I have not met anyone who is as talented in as many areas as I am or has as many costumes. I can refer you to artists who are great at magic and balloons; and painting and balloons.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, I am fully insured.

FAQ Heard on the job

Do you paint on any other kind of medium?
No. Just the skin, though I have painted the interior and exterior of my home.

Do you work on “Cats”(the musical)?
No. Though my cat/tiger faces are stunning I have never worked on “Cats,” but thank you so much for the compliments.

How do you do that with long nails?
The length of my nails actually doesn’t interfere with making balloon sculptures, though it is easier to tie balloons with shorter nails.

Do your hands hurt?
No. Actually, my elbows do because they’re perpetually at a right angle because I’m constantly in motion creating art.

Do you do make-up?
No, however I have the skill sets to blend beautifully. If you are looking for girls party make-overs, upon request I offer a few shades of lipstick, eye shadows and blush. My paints can create beautiful face painted eye designs, called “beautiful nothings”.

How many shows do you do in a weekend?
Typically, 3-5 on Saturdays – singing telegrams and walk-a-round characters for adult shows in the evening and about 3 on Sundays. Twice I have done 7 shows on a Saturday.

What do you do during the week?
I run my business as a Booking Agent, Administrative Assistant, Director of Marketing, Social Networking Manager, Business Manager, Costume Designer, Logistic Coordinator, Web Manager and Inventory Controller.

Is this your full time job?
Yes, I’m proud to say that it is.

Yes, clients have tipped.

How did you get into this?
The Yellow Pages. Yep. I always wanted to act. A singing telegram company hired me. Got into kid’s shows. A woman from another agency taught me basic balloons and face painting. Met a famous balloon artist who introduced me to more entertainers and conventions. And as they say…the rest is history.

How long have you been doing this?
My whole adult life I have been professionally entertaining, though I think my whole life has been ‘entertaining’.

Do you want to something to eat?
That is VERY kind of you, however, I am here to entertain. Even if there is no one near my station, there is always something to do: create a balloon, soicalize with your guests. I do except food to go 🙂

How did she get that rainbow on there? that quickly? (Overheard).
I have paint pallettes with colors already combined and I use a sponge or brush to apply the paints.

Is that airbrushed? (Overheard).
No. I’ve mastered the art of blending with sponge and paints, therefore it appears to be airbrushed.

Is that your phone? (Asked by children).
Yes. (I’ve realized they are not asking me if it’s MY phone, they’re asking if it’s a phone? It’s vintage.)

Anything else?
Yes. My on time arrival, performance, costume changes, wardrobe development and website could not be possible without the help of my mom and friends: Monique, Robert, John, Dan, Kwame and all my Mikes. They allow me to do the best for your party. And I am forever grateful.

FAQ Frequently Heard Statements

You are AMAZING!
Thank you. I hear that a lot. My years of experience, training, love of children, sensitivity of their needs, dedication to my craft make me exceptional at what I do.

I’m planning a party at the zoo.
Call the zoo and check their policy about balloons. Some do not allow it! Verify their entry/parking passes for entertainers.

My child is shy.
I’m aware of which children are apprehensive. I acknowledge their feelings. I tell them that I will stay here and not go near them until they are ready. I purposefully do not come close to your child until they are ready. Please do not mistake this for ignoring your child. I’m accepting their boundaries. Eventually, they do warm up 🙂

You are so good!
I attend face painting, balloon and entertainer conventions to work on my skills, so you can have wonderful creations. I want to do the best job for you and your guest.

You are so fast!
Once again, not a question, but heard frequently. I don’t believe people should have to wait in a line. I do beautiful fast work so guests can enjoy other things at the party.

You are so patient.
How can I not be? Kids are so excited to receive balloons or face painting, I understand that eagerness. When they keep opening up their eyes during face painting, I accept their comfort level. I know its new for them I just repeat over and over, “close your eyes, close your eyes.”

I’m concerned about the environment. I don’t want balloons.
Thank you for your concern. Balloons are made from latex. They are biodegradable at the rate of an oak leaf – 6 months.

They followed her to the bathroom.
What can you expect when I’m a rockstar to 4 year olds! As long as there is a lock and I know how to get out. I’m good.

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