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Prices and Schedule.


All entertainment is customizable, these are my suggestions of common activities – or choose your own. Choose from 10+ activities and 260+ costume/characters. 1 hour of entertainment starting at $250 from San Francisco.
North Bay and East Bay starting at $300.
San Mateo starting at $275 to San Jose at $350.
Client is responsible for parking and entrance fees. For additional time in all cities it is $75 each half hour. Prices are for ONE entertainer. If you’d like another entertainer I can find one for you and you pay their full rate as well either directly or through me.

The Variety Package: Perfect for parties with 1-5 year old children!
Balloons, painting, hand puppets, singalongs, parachute play.

Combo Package: Balloons and painting.

Magic Package: Parties with 5, 6, 7 year old children!
Magic and balloons. Or
Magic and face painting. Or
Magic, balloons and face painting.

Custom Package: Amazing Rachel decide for me or I choose these activities.

Full description of activities and packages visit Activities Page. http://activities page


12/25 Christmas Day evening Unavailable. All other times please inquire.

1/18 SAT Unavailable
1/19 SUN Unavailable
1/25 SAT Unavailable
1/26 SUN Unavailable

2/1 SAT Unavailable
2/2 SUN Unavailable
2/8 SAT Unavailable
2/9 SUN Unavailable
2/15 SAT Unavailable
2/16 SUN Unavailable